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Hi, I’m Sparkles, I am a cat, a female cat. Your a human, thanks for coming by and  visiting me. I purr’ when you pet me.  This is my world, the Animal Kingdom,  its my blog, just for me, but I share it with my friends, they are animals like me too. As you are my Guests, I will share my blog with you too.


I am a nice looking Girl Cat. I am laying on my blankets and have some of my toys by me. My human Mommy gave them to me. She is almost as nice as me and she loves petting me. By her, I feel poodle well. Oh, I am no poodle, that is just a saying. I like it when I am petted, you can pet me too, we can play together with my plush dog Fido, when you wish.

I will tell you a story when you are the Mommy or Daddy from one like me, a cat. Then read close, about the toys we should have and those that are not good for us. I love yarn and swallowed some, that was not so good. Mommy had to take me to a Vet, she was scared that I might have a round worm in me, hehehe. It was only yellow yarn. She smiled and gave me extra treaties, she was so happy that it was a false alarm. I might do it again, to get more treaties.

When your pet would like to be friends with me, send me their picture and your pet will become their place in my Pet Friends Page. You can also send it by using the message system here.

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Everyday Toys Your Cats Will Enjoy

By: Jane Withers

The choice of toys available for your cat these days is vast, and is a booming market. We all want to treat our kitty’s from time to time, but is it really worth and necessary to spend so much money on these?

When it comes to cat toys, you need to imagine you are dealing with a small child. They are very fickle and get bored very quickly. Here are a few ideas for the best toys to get.

It is a cats natural instinct to climb and claw at things, unfortunately this tend to mean your soft furnishings and blinds or curtains. If you get them a cat tower they have their own private climbing area and yours will be forgotten. You can get these in varying heights to amuse your kitty all day.

Most cats, when they catch small prey like a mouse, will simply play with it until it dies. Stuffed mice are an ideal toy as it replicates nature. You can buy these in packs of 3 or 12, and the most popular is made of leather and has fur and a long tail.

Cats can be destructive creatures, and the main cause of this is boredom. Downstairs alone through the night with no interaction, they relieve their boredom by going mad with your stuff. Giving him a catnip toy to play with an hour before you go to bed will make your cat sleep while you do.

You shouldn’t give them the catnip toys regularly, as they can develop a kind of addiction which makes them badly behaved and bad tempered. Once in a while is safe, but certainly not every day.

If you have a pile of stuffed toys that your children don’t care bout anymore, don’t put them in the trash, give them, one a time, to your cat. The antics of these frisky felines trying to prove their superiority over a large toy is absolutely hysterical.

Have these toys at your disposal and you will have a very happy cat.