Nature Of Felines

The Lady that wrote this article was not referring to me, when she wrote this. I may be a Feline, what ever that may be? I am really
not carnivorous, like those dinosaurs from long ago. No I’m not. I am a domesticated Lady Cat, my human Mommy taught me manners. I get
the best of best from the stores to eat. I play chase the cat and mouse with my friend, Beety. In heaven’s willen I would not eat him. Ohh egad! No I eat what my Mommy gives me. I am a nice and friendly cat.

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The Carnivorous Nature Of Felines

By: Alice Blanchard

Is your cat particularly fussy about making sure its paws are clean while at the same time very messy? Some cat owners get dish after dish, looking for the one that won’t spill when the cat plays with it.

You might as well forget finding the perfect dish. Cats love playing with their food by nature, so any container will inevitably be tipped over. After all, that’s what makes your cat such a cute animal! No matter how neatly you spread the cat food around, it will always scatter it in the end, looking for the perfect bite.

Once a cat finds the perfect nibble, it will hide it underneath a chair or anywhere anyone else can’t find it. Your cat may play with the food for awhile before eating. That’s just the way cats are – so don’t try to rush the process.

Cats may be given all the perks by their masters, but like other animals, they have animal instincts. There is fundamentally no difference between domesticated and stray cats when they deal with food. There are some cats, though, that can be trained to place the food back in their dish after picking on it.

Non-domesticated cats stalk their prey then catch it to be eaten for their meals. When it comes to mice, they could often let them get away only to hunt them down again. In their own special way, this is how cats work up their appetite.

Domesticated cats, no matter how well taken care of they are, will always miss having to stalk their food in preparation for their lunch or dinner. That’s why you shouldn’t begrudge a cat if it plays with its food.

Bowl-fed cats can give up the instinct and become fat, lazy fur balls. Like human beings, overweight cats aren’t always healthy, even if they may be neater. Granted, you may not want to let live mice loose in your house just so your cat can get exercise.

As an alternative, you can buy toys for your cat that have centers where you can place their snacks in. Place these toys strategically around your house as your cat tries to stalk them out. The rolling toys also allow your cat to chase and conquer the toy, then extract the food. Dry foods like nibble types are perfect for these toys, since there’s no moisture or spoilage.

You don’t want your floor cluttered with house plants because your cat, after all, will be hunting at home. Ivy, dieffenbachia, azaleas and poinsettias are poisonous to your cat and dangerous for children as well.

You can put those out of reach of a toddler, but remember that your cat easily scales the dining room table to get to the plant. Choose other types of plants. For seasonal plants like poinsettias, you can decorate the inside of your home with silk poinsettias, while the real ones can be planted outside.

Aside from toys where you can place treats inside, you can also leave chew toys lying around. It’s not only dogs who like chewing on things, but some cats find this enjoyable as well and would benefit from having chew toys to play with.

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