Cat Food

Now we are on the page I really love, we are talking about food for me and ones like me. Read carefully before you feed your cat, who knows. your cat may be related to me.

I am a gourmet. Yes, really. My Mommy wanted to give me some wet food, yuk. I didn’t want to eat that. I meowed to her No, and turned up my nose. My Mommy got the point, real quick and I got my gourmet food and my treaties in between. I am purring again.

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Cat Food- Wet, Dry or Raw?

By: Dawn Kavanaugh

Choosing a high quality, grain free food is the right step to you cats nutritional health. Now you need to choose whether you want to fed dry, wet or a raw diet. You can check with many people, including vets, and they will all tell you something different. This choose is truly more of a preference for your le.

The most popular diet to feed is dry cat food. This is for the obvious reason of how easy it is. Open the bag, pour and go. They can be left out indefinitely and the cats can munch as they feel like it. The one drawback is that these foods are dehydrated so your cat does not get water in the food. Encourage kitty to drink more by getting her a pet fountain.

Next popular is wet food. Many folks will feed in the morning and evening. This kind of feeding is great for overweight cats. You control their intake and you provide much needed water as well. Wet food should not be left out for more than 30 minutes. Discard whatever is left after this time. Canned wet food can be saved in the refrigerator overnight but be sure to warm it up for your feline buddy. You may enjoy cold pizza, but who says Fluffy does?

In recent years, raw diets have gained notoriety. The can be challenging because you either have to make your own or buy frozen. These diets contain raw meat, bones and veggies and nutritional supplements. There are however some negative things to consider regarding raw diets:
* If you are making your own it is extremely challenging to find the correct balance of foods
* Bacterial diseases like salmonella can be carried in raw meats and both cats and people are susceptible to those.
* Parasites can lurk in raw meats
* Bones can splinter causing medical issues

There are certain breeds of cats that can really benefit from a raw diet, like Bengals.

Ultimately, the choice is for you to make. As long as kitty can wake up from her nap in her favorite cat tree cave and be served a quality diet, the kind is for you to decide.