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I have no cat trees or condo things, never seen one. Maybe better so, as my Mommy does not like me climbing. I did that once on the screens on porch, almost got hurt, but Mommy saved me. I did get a spanking though, for doing it, but as you know, my Mommy is nice, the spanking was almost like she was petting me.

Here is my favorite place, it is warm snuggely and cosy. When my Mommy has no time for me then I come here and close my eyes and make a cat snooze. I dream of my friends and Mommy.

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Stable and Secure Cat Trees

By: Dawn Kavanaugh

Because if you are about to spend $150 on a cat tree that wobbles or tips over your cat will never use it after that first time. Cats are very finicky about these things and will never go near at item that they associate as having a bad experience about.

I have seen cats get very excited about the new cat tree in the house. However if they use the tree and it wobbles or is unstable chances are they will avoid using it again. I hope it really was a bargain and you can use it for sculptural art.

I have to be diligent in the items I bring into my house. I run a rescue and have multiple cats. I need several cat trees for this group. My cats will swing on the sisal posts and try to sharpen their back claws. At 6:00 pm everyday the “crazies” hit and they run around the house launching themselves from 10 feet away and bouncing off the trees onto to another. They get playful with each other and try to play king of the cat tree. Not all cats are petite, some of mine weigh 20 pounds or more.

I have spent $150 on a “really cute” tree and after assembly and a test drive my cats won’t go near it. The tree looked great, but any jump started a wobble which sometimes would lead to a tip over with a chunky cat. They were scared of the tree for the rest of it’s time in my house. Whether we are choosing a one foot scratching post or a 6 foot playstation every piece should be stable and secure.

So before you invest make sure that:
* It has a wide base
* The base is made from thick wood, not press board
* It is weighted on the bottom
* If needed, it can be taken apart, reassembled and still be steady.
* The company has a history of high quality products
* There is a return policy
* You can talk to a human when you call with an issue

You and your cat will have this quality cat tree for a long time. Be sure both of you are pleased with the structure and the manufacturer.

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Carpet and You Cat Condo

By: Dawn Kavanaugh

If you have a cat and cat furniture you can probably answer that question with an easy yes. But do you know why? Have you ever bought one of those great deals online with the soft faux fur and thought, “My cat would love that?” And the cat did, at least until the second week when it started falling apart!

Quality cat condos should have covering that is a high grade carpet. Most people do not realize that the carpet industry can produce carpet in 12 grades. Although you will not be walking on the cat condo carpet your cat will give this carpet a work out.

What does grading mean to you? Well you definitely do not want anything in the lowest three grades. Those are thin enough to see through and are generally used in rental properties and called “builder’s grade.”

The medium grades have 6 levels and can last 5-15 years. These are the most commonly used carpets in homes.

The highest 3 grades are usually wool and last over 20 years. For these you would pay a premium price.

Carpeting is laid many times with glue as an adherent. Reputable manufacturers of cat condos know that glue is highly toxic to cats and to their workers!

Workers have reported feeling sick within several hours of use. Cancer is also prevalent in this industry. Certainly not something you want your cat to be in contact with!

As a customer you have the right to ask questions regarding how the cat condo maker produces their product. What kind of carpet do they use? What grade? How do they adhere the carpet to the wood? Do they have a return policy?

Think of this purchase as one that you want to last for 5 or more years. Your cat will appreciate the safety of the cat condo and you will benefit from his health.